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Oil Change

Choose from both synthetic and conventional motor oils.

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Check your battery’s performance at our service centre.


Helping car owners with flat tyres and tyre replacement


Visit us when you need suspension repairs and maintenance for your car.

Auto Repairs in Melbourne – A Certified Mechanic You Can Trust

Whenever your car fails to perform at its best capacity or experiences a sudden breakdown, you need to find a dependable car mechanic. A premium automotive service shop will provide the finest services and many other benefits. Certified Automotive Repair Shop is one most trusted car service centre in Melbourne. We are technically skilled to solve all your vehicle-related issues. Our certified mechanics consults with you to know your exact requirements and assess the vehicle thoroughly. With our advanced facility, we are able to offer car servicing including all the basic repair and maintenance services. Contact us if you need an automotive service centre in Melbourne.

We Offer a Wide Range of Car Services and Repairs

Being in the auto repair business for the last 20 years, we have worked on different makes and models of vehicles. We offer the most practical car services to our customers along with basic auto repairs at our car service centre. Here are some of the car services and repairs we offer:

  • Check and Diagnostic of Vehicle- In case you do not understand the reason behind the breakdown of your car, we can help you out. Our certified mechanics use advanced machinery to assess your car. With us, you get a car diagnostic process that is fast and cost-effective.

  • Brakes and Clutch- The brakes and clutch are the two most functional parts of the vehicle. As they are used very frequently, they tend to get weaker over time. We check their condition and replace them if they are found to be faulty.

  • Steering and Suspension- Generally, the steering and suspension do not need regular attention as they last longer than other parts. However, if you feel any type of issues like roughness while driving, you must get it repaired or replaced if required.

Along with the car servicing, get your engine checked and upgraded at our fully-equipped facility:

  • EngineTuning- Enhance the performance of your engine according to your requirements with the help of our certified mechanics.
  • Oil Replacement- Check the level and condition of the engine oil and get it replaced if necessary.

  • Battery Replacement- The battery is also an important part of the engine’s performance as it is the main source of its power. We provide battery checks to figure out its overall health and do the needful.

Why Choose Certified Automotive Repair Shop?

We are one of the best car service centre in Melbourne because of our:

  • Extensive Experience- With each passing year, we are more driven to provide quality car services and repairs to our customers.

  • All-Round Service- With us, you get premium automotive repair services along with many other benefits like engine tuning, car battery service, brake repairs, etc.

  • Accurate Diagnosis– We combine the skills of our certified mechanics with advanced technology to accurately diagnose the issues with any car.

  • Excellent Customer Service- Our staff members are dedicated to giving you an excellent experience when you choose our car service and repairs. At our automotive service centre, all your requirements will be taken care of in time and at reasonable rates.

Best Car Mechanic in Melbourne – Contact Certified Automotive Repair Shop!

At Certified Automotive Repair Shop, you can get the best automotive repair services by expert car mechanic in Melbourne. To know more about our services, you can call us on 0415 766 134.

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