Engine Oil Replacement in Melbourne

In order to maintain your car’s functioning and avoid sudden breakdowns on the road, you must do regular maintenance. The engine oil replacement is one of the basic services that you need to keep your car in its best working condition. You must get the car oil change on regular basis and also note down the condition of the engine and other internal parts at that point in time.

This process is considered important as it gives an idea about necessary repair and maintenance work in future. An experienced auto repair shop like ours givespersonalised attention to every vehicle based on its build and model. If you are looking for car-related repairs and services, visit us at Certified Automotive Repair Shop in Melbourne. With us, you can get your filter car oil changed at competitive prices.

Signs That Your Car Needs an Engine Oil Replacement

When engine oil is not at a satisfactory level, its effect is visible very clearly. Here is the list of signs that lets you know that it is time to change your engine oil:

  • Warning Lights – The very first sign will be shown on your dashboard. Shaped like a kettle with a single drop, this sign basically indicates that your engine is facing an issue of low oil pressure.

  • Noisy Engine- When the level of engine oil decreases, it reduces the level of lubrication as well, resulting in increased wear and tear between the metal parts. This is the reason why the engine makes a cranking noise while getting started or while running.In this case, the oil should be changed immediately or else it can damage several internal parts.

  • Change in Colour of the Oil- It is advisable to check the level and colour of the engine oil regularly using a dipstick. If the colour of the oil is getting cruder, it can be a sign. This change in colour shows that there is the presence of dust and pollutants in the oil and you need to change car oil.

  • Odour- If you smell the engine oil inside your car, it suggests that your engine is getting hotter than expected. Usually, this engine heat is caused because of polluted engine oil. In such a condition, it needs to be replaced immediately.

  • Polluted Exhaustion Gas- Bad engine oil can also result in extremely dark-coloured fume exhaustion. If you notice it while driving your car, check the colour and level of engine oil using a dipstick.

Importance of Engine Oil and Filter Change

The engine oil circulates throughout the car body and provides the following functions that are essential for the smooth working of the vehicle:

  • Lubricates Internal Parts

  • Cleans Up Internal Parts

  • Maintains Fuel Efficiency

  • Increases Overall Health and Life of the Vehicle

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At Certified Automotive Repair Shop, you canget premium engine oil replacement services in Melbourne. We offer various car repair and maintenance services and personalised attention. To know more about car oil change or any other car services, you can call our expert mechanics on 0415 766 134.

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