General Mechanical Repairs in Melbourne

Say goodbye to car breakdowns with Certified Automotive Repair Shop. We are one of the most reliable auto experts, offering general mechanical repairs in Melbourne. Our skilled mechanics can fix your car and get you back on the road in no time.

Car maintenance and timely repairs prevent nasty surprises when off-roading or on road trips. A well-maintained vehicle improves on-road safety as well by preventing breakdowns. As such, regular servicing by professionals can keep your car running smoothly without malfunctions. Moreover, regular tune-ups improve fuel efficiency. It also prevents future problems from happening. This is why a well-maintained car starts easier, accelerates faster and uses less fuel.

With over 20 years of experience, we can undertake car mechanical repairs of different makes and models. Our experts can rebuild or repair the engine besides other auto services at affordable rates. So, bring your vehicle to our workshop for quick diagnosis and resolution.

Car Repairs – Services Offered by Certified Automotive Repair Shop

At Certified Automotive Repair Shop, we perform all types of car repairs. Our mechanics provide all types of auto services to keep your vehicle roadworthy. Here’s a brief overview of what we provide:

  • Brake Repairs: Brakes are one of the most critical components of your car. If your vehicle takes longer to stop, it’s time to get a brake service. We provide brake repairs for all vehicle types. These include disc machining, calliper fitting and more. Our experts will find the underlying problems with your brakes and offer tailored solutions. This is how we ensure your vehicle is back on the road at the earliest.
  • Exhaust System Repairs: The exhaust system carries the fumes away from the engine. A faulty exhaust system can cause a buildup of harmful gases inside the car. Our mechanics can perform such auto repairs properly for the best results. We have the right tools and skill set to fix broken exhaust pipes and allow dangerous fumes to pass smoothly.
  • Engine Check: We can run engine checks to find existing issues. Our team performs an inspection, runs a diagnosis and promptly fixes the problem. Furthermore, we can guide you through proper engine maintenance to avoid similar issues in the future.
  • Battery Replacement: The battery powers almost all major and minor functions of your car. It powers the windows, runs stereos, and so much more. We offer high-quality car battery replacement at competitive prices. Our team takes a systematic approach to resolving any battery-related issue. The overall battery condition is checked before any necessary repairs are made.
  • Steering and Suspension: Our car mechanical repairs include steering and suspension maintenance too. A thorough inspection of the components like coil springs and shock absorbers is done. If you notice any irregular shaking or roughness while driving, you must get the vehicle checked immediately.
  • Air Con Repairs: We offer quick air con repairs or servicing for different vehicle models. Any fault in your car’s air con is diagnosed and promptly fixed. Our experts open, clean and reassemble the cooling system to repair possible errors. Common issues include coolant leakage, faulty electrical systems, low gas, etc. Once we identify the problem, the issue will be corrected in no time.

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You can rely on us for comprehensive auto repairs in Melbourne. We have a team of experienced mechanics with extensive experience in fixing most cars. You can count on us for the following reasons:

  • Experienced Professionals: We have two decades of experience in auto repairs for all car makes and model. At our workshop, you get high-quality services from certified car mechanics.
  • Comprehensive Care: You get premium car servicing and repairs with us. Our team carefully inspects your car, diagnoses the problem, and offers long-lasting solutions.
  • Transparent Pricing: You will receive a proper estimate for any car repairs. We believe in transparent pricing and ensure our customers do not have to pay more than required. This makes our prices very affordable.
  • Quick Service: Our dedicated team aims to deliver a fully serviced car within the designated time frame. We avoid unnecessary delays while ensuring your vehicle is ready for the road in time.
  • Excellent Customer Service: Our support team listens and promptly answers your queries for auto repairs. We prioritise customer experience above all.

At Certified Automotive Repair Shop, you can get general mechanical repairs for every vehicle type. To learn more about our auto repairs in Melbourne, you can call us on 0415 766 134.

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