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Car Service and Repairs by Certified Mechanics in Cranbourne East

In case your car faces any issues, do not take the risk of riding a distance with a faulty vehicle. It is very important to get it repaired as soon as possible to avoid uncertain events on the road. Certified Automotive Repair Shop is one of the most reliable automotive service centres in Cranbourne East. We provide all kinds of digital car diagnosis and repair services done by our certified mechanics. We offer computerised car diagnostics service as well as all the general mechanical repairs to our clients.

Affordable Computerised Car Diagnostic Services in Cranbourne East

Computerised car diagnostics can be used to detect faults with almost all the internal parts of a vehicle. We consider this to be more critical than the repair service because it gives:

  • Accurate Results- The car diagnostic captures the issues in the most accurate way. This process helps our skilled technicians to understand the exact reason for sudden breakdowns.

  • Correct Approach- When our team gets clarity about an issue; they can determine the correct way to solve it.

  • Highly Effective- Digital diagnostic process is very efficientas it saves a lot of time and effort. It delivers a high level of accuracy which is necessary to find out the right solution.

General Mechanical Repairs

Based on the readings obtained from the car diagnostic, we perform all the basic mechanical works and auto repairs like:

  • Engine Check- The power and performance of the engine is checked by connecting the gadgets at different ports of the engine. After getting the basic idea, our car mechanics will repair it accordingly.

  • Brake RepairsWe figure out the faults related to your braking system by knowing the condition and level of brake fluids. To track any additional issues, our car mechanics will check other parts such as the brake pads, soles, master cylinder, etc.

  • Clutch Maintenance- The power and pressure of the clutch feel different at times. Although it is a rare occurrence, this can create a major breakdown. We assess its condition thoroughly and repair or replace faulty parts.

  • Steering- The steering does not cause an issue that often but you should not ignore even the slightest change in its function. To check its condition, the wiring of the steering is checked properly and repaired if found to be faulty.

  • Suspension- The suspension protects the car’s body and chassis from rough damage. This is mainly protected by proper suspension springs. In case our certified mechanics find the condition of the springs below standard, we replace them immediately.

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Our Automotive Repair Centre is also well-equipped to provide advanced Car Service and Repairs like:

  • Car Battery Replacement- The power of the battery is the main source that is responsible for all the functions of the vehicle. It is important to check the overall capacity of the battery through various parameters. Based on them, our expert car mechanics decide whether to repair or replace the battery.

  • Car Engine TuningModern engines are programmed to perform in a certain manner, however, there is also the scope to reprogram them. We use a computerised mapping system to read the codes of the engine and modify it according to your requirements.

  • Car Oil Change- The process of changing the lubricants and fluids is called Car Oil Change. It is important to note that the oil level should be maintained in many internal parts such as the engine oil, brake fluids, transmission fluids, etc.

Why Choose Us for General Mechanical Repairs and Services?

At Certified Automotive Repair Shop, you get top-quality car services and repairs as we have:

  • All Round Services- We can provide accurate car diagnostics and perform basic repair and maintenance services.

  • Qualified Team- Our team of certified mechanics are capable to handle modern tools and diagnosing your car-related issues accurately.

  • Professional Approach- Weare dedicated to assisting you throughout the process.

  • Customer Satisfaction- We have extensive experience in this field and have been repairing different models of cars in the finest way possible.

Car Diagnostic Services and General Mechanical Repairs in Cranbourne East

Get the best car diagnosis along with repair services by certified mechanics in Cranbourne East. You can call us on 0415 766 134 to book services with us.