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Trusted Automotive Service Centre – Certified Mechanics in Lyndhurst

Auto repair garages with advanced facilities and a team of professional technicians can help us maintain our vehicles in good shape.  To correct any car-related issue, you must find a reliable automotive service centre with certified mechanics. Certified Automotive Repair Shop is renowned for providing accurate digital diagnostic and general mechanical repair services in Lyndhurst. Providing top-quality car maintenance services for the last 20 years, we work with the latest tools and technology.

Affordable Car Diagnostic Services in Lyndhurst

Car diagnostic services are very important in modern auto works as it gives clarity about the issues related to your vehicle. We use a set of modern machinery to figure out different solutions by performing:

  • Engine Check- This check is done by connecting the terminals of instruments with the port of the engine. These gadgets display the readings based on which the condition of the engine is determined. Our certified technicians are skilled enough to know the faults and take necessary repair steps accordingly.

  • Coolant Condition- It is checked by immersing the electric terminal inside the coolant reservoir. This displays a reading that lets our technicians know if it is time to change the coolant or not.

  • Fuel Injector- The fuel injector pressure and its performance are inspected by connecting the electrical terminals in its wiring.

  • Brake Performance- The issues related to the brake can be diagnosed by assessing the level of the brake fluid. There are also gadgets to measure the amount of deceleration which helps us know about the overall performance of the braking system.

  • Car Battery Replacement – To check the condition of your car’s battery, our skilled mechanics take the advanced approach and decide whether it can be repaired or needs a replacement.

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Why Should You Go for Digital Car Diagnostic Services?

There are many advantages of digital or computerised car diagnostic services such as:

  • Quick ProcessThe digital car diagnostic is a very fast service compared to the traditional method. There is no requirement for disassembling the whole car body to detect an issue.

  • Convenience- As there is no need of disassembling; there is no accounting for every nuts and bolt. It requires simply connecting the gadgets to the car system and monitoring the number.

  • Cost-Efficient- The process of digital diagnostics is very cost-efficient as it can be done with the help of a single person and machinery.

  • Accuracy- The results of the digital diagnostic are accurate which helps our skilled technicians to know the exact issue with the car.

Other Mechanical Services We Offer:

We offer the following advanced and general mechanical repairs in addition to car diagnostics. These are:

  • Performance Tuning- Remap the engine according to your specific requirements. It will help boost the performance or improve fuel efficiency under the consultation and supervision of our qualified technicians.

  • Steering and Suspensions- Steering is useful for the proper turning of the vehicle whereas the suspension ensures a smooth ride. These parts do not experience a breakdown easily but it is important to get them checked on a regular basis.

  • Clutch Performance Check- If you face issues with your clutch such as false pressure and loose spring, then contact us and get it checked as soon as possible.

  • Repair and Replacement of Faulty Parts- We can provide you with all kinds of major and minor repairs as well as replacements of different car parts.

  • Oil and Coolant Replacement- Using our advanced methods we will check the condition and the level of the fluids. If we find them to be unsatisfactory, they are replaced immediately.

Why Choose Us for Car Service and Repair?

Certified Automotive Repair Shop is amongst the most reliable car repair and maintenance centres in the city due to the following reasons:

  • 20 Years in Service – We are in the business for the last two decades and have achieved success by consistently providing the best quality services.

  • Professional Facilities- Our garage is advanced and is operated byqualified technicians. We work with our certified mechanics to bring out the accuracy of modern machinery.

  • Full-Service Shop- With us, you get completerepair and maintenance service with the help of high-quality tools and parts.

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Get the complete assistance of accurate car diagnostic services along with advanced and general mechanical repairs in Lyndhurst. Call us on 0415 766 134 to book our services.