Car Accident Damage Assessment in Melbourne

Have you met with an accident recently? Was your car majorly damaged during the accident? Whenever your car experiences a sudden breakdown on the road, you need to get it checked for possible damage in different parts of the vehicle. You should find a dependable car repair service provider for the best results.

Automotive repair shops that provide precise car damage assessment services are a must to get a proper diagnosis of the issue. At Certified Automotive Repair Shop, we provide hassle-free services, pay attention to the detail, and give you professional-grade car repair services at affordable prices. If you are looking for all-around auto maintenance services in Melbourne, we can help!

Our Vehicle Damage Assessment and Assistance

A vehicle damage assessment is done when a car is met with an accident. Here is our entire service assistance:

  • Damage Assessment- The first step is to assess the damage in the car’s body. We take pin-point measures to get an accurate report based on which we carry out our further actions.

  • Insurance Assistance- We collaborate with numerous insurance companies and can help you through their process. Our staff makes sure to work closely with your insurance provider and assess the report properly to help you with the best claims and benefits. We make the most use of this fund to reduce your repair cost.

  • Professional Repair Work- After all the insurance claims and benefits, we provide you with professional repair and maintenance work. We check for all kinds of panels or internal damage and offer accurate services accordingly.

We Also Provide Digital Car Diagnosis

Besides car damage assessment, we also assist our clients with an efficient digital diagnosis to detect all kinds of internal issues, such as:

  • Engine-related Issues- Know the exact issues with your engine with digital diagnostics and get the most appropriate repair services for it.

  • Fuel Injector Performance- We use electrical signals to detect the exact faults with your fuel injector and perform the required work for it.

  • Fluid Condition- The condition of the various internal fluids such as coolant, engine oil, and brake fluids can also be checked with the help of digital diagnosis.

Why Choose Certified Automotive Repair Shop?

Certified Automotive Repair Shop is one of the best auto garages that you will come across in Melbourne because of our:

  • Advanced Facilities– We have an advanced facility to take care of all the damage assessments and vehicle diagnostic services.

  • Skilled Technicians- Our auto garage is facilitated with advanced technology and we work with a team of qualified technicians. They can assess the reports generated during digital diagnostics accurately and suggest the most suitable services for you.

  • Personalised Services- We are familiar with all car-related issues based on different types of automobiles. We inspect every vehicle with utmost care and try to apply the best services based on its brand and model.

  • ExtensiveExperience- With our extensive experience of more than 20 years in the field, we have tried to achieve maximum customer satisfaction through our transparent services.

Accurate Car Damage Assessment and Insurance Assistance in Melbourne

We provide the best car damage assessment and insurance benefits in Melbourne. Contact our expert team at Certified Automotive Repair Shopto know more about our services. You can call us on 0415 766 134 to book an appointment.

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