Affordable Brake and Clutch Repairs in Melbourne

An efficient braking system is required to ensure the safety of the car while driving. Even a minor fault in brake can lead to uncertain events on the road. This is the reason why it is suggested to get it checked and repaired immediately. AtCertified Automotive Repair Shop, we have a team of clutch and brake specialists who use high-tech digital diagnosis to detect car-related issues and solve them efficiently. So, if you are looking for brake and clutch repairs in Melbourne, we can help.

We Offer Range of Brake Repairs and Clutch Services

It is important to encounter the fault correctly, so we give more importance to the diagnosis of the problem. Our technicians are well-trained in detecting the issues with utmost accuracy using latest technology.

Brake Repairs-

Here are some common Brake Repairs that we deal with:

  • Soft Brake Pedals- This occurs when the brake pedal feels soft and does not work until it is pressed to the full extent. We take a systematic approach to find out the reason and resolve the issue completely with our brake repair services.

  • Noisy Brake Soles- When the brake soles create screeching noise while they are applied, it is mainly caused by worn-out soles or faulty rotors and discs. We provide brake replacement of the soles as well as correct the faults with rotors and discs.

  • Brake Oil Replacement- Brake fluid is the most crucial part of the entire braking system that is responsible for its proper functioning. Gradually, this fluid loses its effectiveness and needs to be replaced. We inspect the brake fluid condition and provide complete brake replacement.

  • Repair Fluid Leakage- Fluid leakage happens because of faults in the body of the master cylinder or any other part. We check for leakage and replace these parts if required.

  • Faulty Rotor and Disc- The faulty rotor and disc can create a vibrating effect on the steering and even affect the power of the braking system. We carefully assess these issues and find out a suitable solution.

  • Brake Repair and Check- We also offer an overall check of the entire braking system and repair the necessary parts.

Clutch Repair Services-

The Clutch Repair Services are not sudden but they can develop gradually. As they are one of the most functional parts of a vehicle, it is suggested to go for immediate repair and replacement when you notice even slight changes with the working of the clutch. Here are some Clutch Repair Services that should be resolved as early as possible:

  • Loss of Acceleration- The most common sign of a faulty clutch is loss of acceleration even if you apply the pedal to the full extent. The reason behind this can be the faulty, worn-out parts which we check one by one and replace if necessary.

  • Clutch Pedal Getting Stuck- This happens mainly because of faulty springs under the clutch pedal. They can be replaced and such issues can be fixed easily by our skilled mechanics.

  • Pulsating Clutch Pedal- The vibration effect caused while applying the clutch pedal is because of damaged internal parts. Such pulsating effects can be corrected efficiently in our fully-equipped facility.

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