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The battery is the powerhouse of every vehicle and is responsible for all its major and minor functions. Everything from the engine to opening and closing window panes is operated with the power of the battery. It is indeed the most important part of a car that needs regular maintenance. At Certified Automotive Repair Shop, we provide premium car battery services in Melbourne. With 20 years of experience, we guarantee you the high quality of services at competitive prices.

Our Car Battery Services Include:

We take a systematic approach to resolve your car’s battery-related issues with the following steps:

  • Battery Condition Check- Our garage is facilitated with advanced digital diagnostic equipment and qualified technicians. We use standard tools to assess the condition of your car’s battery. This digital check also provides accurate signals based on which our team figures out the exact fault.

  • Wires and Terminals- The wires and terminals are important for the transmission of power to the different parts of the vehicle. We check the overall condition and make the necessary repairs to ensure efficient working.

  • Battery Replacement Service- We stock batteries for all major brands like Ford, Toyota, Honda, Kia, and BMW. Before installing a new battery, we check other connecting components, clean up the holder, and remove the old wires and battery.

Signs That Your Car Needs Battery Replacement

It is advisable to get the battery checked once every six months but if you face any of the following issues; it is time to get it replaced as soon as possible:

  • DifficultyStarting the Engine- If your car is facing an ignition problem or in simple words, having a hard time starting the car; you should go for an immediate battery check and replacement.

  • Indication onDashboard- The car’s internal system is designed to detect engine issues. When a major is required, a logo of the engine will keep appearing on the dashboard until it is professionally diagnosed.

  • Poor Functioning of Electrical System- Thebattery-related issues will lead to poor electrical functions such as dim lights, late response, malfunctions of window panes, etc.

  • Visible Physical Damage- Check the physical condition of your car battery and if you notice corrosion on the surface or near the wire terminals, it needs a replacement.

Premium Car Battery Service in Melbourne

Your car battery is one the most important part of your vehicle that requires attentive services from qualified technicians. Get premium car battery replacement services at affordable rates at Certified Automotive Repair Shop. You can call us on 0415 766 134 to book your services.

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