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As a car owner, it is important for you to pay attention to its regular repair and maintenance work. Car engine tuning is one of the most advanced services that can completely enhance vehicles’ performance without any physical alterations. The entire process is done digitally and involves a computer system connected to your cars’ engine. If you are looking for such advanced and digital engine tune-up in Melbourne, visit us at Certified Automotive Repair Shop.

ECU Remapping and its Process

The ECU stands for Engine Control Unit, which is the processor of an engine. In remapping, the program codes of this processor are altered to achieve a specific function based on your requirement. This entire process is known as ECU remapping, which is basically a digital engine tuning. It involves the following steps:

  • Stage 1– The first step includes connecting the OBD port of the car with a computer system which provides full access to the ECU of your vehicle.

  • Stage 2- In the second stage, the necessary changes are made by qualified technicians based on what we need to change. You can modify your engine to improve fuel efficiency, increase its power, or make it more durable.

  • Stage 3- The final step involves some finishing work or minute hardware alterations and installations to facilitate the remapping.

Advantages of Digital Engine Tune-Up

There are three major advantages associated with digital car engine tune-up; these are:

  • Efficient Process- The entire engine tune-up can be considered efficient as it involves no major physical alterations. It creates a major impact on the performance of the vehicle without any disassembling of internal parts or intense physical labour work.

  • Reversible Service- As the working of the engine is tuned up digitally, it can be very easily reset to its original state. If the tuning up does not suit your vehicle model or your preferences, we can re-modify the functions very conveniently.

  • Cost-Effective- ECU remapping does not require the installation of costly accessories or internal parts to improve the engine’s functioning. In this way, you get the maximum performance boost at the minimum cost.

Factors to Consider While Going for Engine Tuning

Before going for engine tuning, it is important to consider the following factors to make sure you get the best value for your money:

  • Understand the Process- Before you choose this service, it is important to understand the process in detail. Consult with our qualified mechanics and have a proper physical inspection of your vehicle before starting actual process.

  • Decide Your Purpose – Based on the discussion with our experts, you can decide the purpose of your ECU remapping.

  • Check the Condition of Your Vehicle- You must ensure that your vehicle is in the best condition before tuning its ECU. It helps in achieving an excellent output and saves time on unnecessary repairs

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